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Basic Pedicure  $25
Includes trimming, shaping, buffing of the nails, cuticle care, callus treatment, followed by a relaxing foot and leg massage and ending with the polish of your choice.

Sugar Scrub Pedicure  $29
Includes basic pedi with eucalyptus sugar scrub oil leaving your skin feeling soft, clean and refreshed.

Deluxe Pedicure  $29
Includes basic pedi with a detoxifying marine mud mask that will leave your skin feeling relaxed and extra soft.

Hot Stone Padicure  $30
Includes basic pedi with the essence of hot, oiled lava stones used to massage your calves, legs & feet while acupressure releases stress and tension throughout your body.

Bahama Spa Pedicure  $35
Includes basic pedi with gentle exfoliation to polish and condition the skin, followed by a relaxing massage and warm paraffin wax that leaves your skin feeling smooth without the greasy feeling.

CND Marine Pedicure  $40
Includes basic pedi with CND marine products. Starting with a mineral bath that stimulates and softens skin, deodorizes and reduces inflammation, a cooling masque to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. The marine salt scrub gently polishes and conditions the skin creating a healthy glow & the marine hydrating oil glides across the skin leaving behing non-greasy moisture and a light fragrance.

Bahama Hotstone Pedicure  $40
Includes basic pedi with sea glow salt scrub to get rid of dead skin, warm paraffin wax to soften your skin & a massage using our hot, oiled lava stones to take you far away, into a place of relaxation.

Gel Pedicure  $45
Includes basic pedicure with gel polish that lasts 2+ weeks.

Voesh Pedicure  $40 Kids:
Manicure  $10
Pedicure  $20
Manicure & Pedicure  $30

French/American  $5
Paraffin Wax  $5
Buffing Cream  $5
Nail Removal  $10
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